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Commercial Showreel - John Foster

I can cover gaps in your presentation schedule. I've worked in all formats

I can record your audio in a Northern English Accent (Teesside/North East/Geordie)

I can record your audio in a neutral accent

I can record your audio in a natural, warm, trustworthy, energetic voice or

a variety of other styles and accents

I can narrate your workplace training video

I can record messages for your automated telephone system

I can narrate your Power Point presentation

I can narrate your explainer video

I can narrate your whiteboard video

I can narrate your news report or magazine feature

I can narrate your audio book, for an adult or children’s audience

I can provide you with completed, edited and professionally produced audio files

I can record a Character voice recording for your production

I can record audio for your Apps

I can sell a product or service in a wide range of styles

I can narrate or provide a character voice for your Radio, TV or YouTube commercial

I can provide a brand identity voice for your YouTube Channel or Radio Station

I can record a voice for your Online Video Game character or narrate the story

I can help your workforce and students find their voice and be able to use it effectively in any scenario

What John Foster can do for you
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